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Body Compassion Scale (BCS)

Original Version

Altman, Linfield, Salmon, & Beacham (2017)

Portuguese Version

Ferreira, Marta-Simões, & Oliveira (2018)

General Description

The Body Compassion Scale (BCS) is a theoretically derived measure designed to bridge the constructs of body image and self-compassion to provide a targeted measure of underlying mindfulness and acceptance-based constructs. BCS is a 23-item measure consisting of a total score and three subscales (Defusion, Common Humanity, and Acceptance). This measure revealed good convergent and divergent validities.Findings and supported its validity to access a self-to-body relationship based in competences of defusion, acceptance and common humanity. This measure is of potential utility for guiding and measuring interventions to promote health-related behaviour.

  • Altman, J. K., Linfield, K., Salmon, P. G., Beacham, A. O. (2017). The body compassion scale: Development and initial validation. Journal of Health Psychology, 1-11. doi:10.1177/1359105317718924

  • Ferreira, C., Marta-Simões, J., & Oliveira, S. (in press). The body compassion scale: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis with a sample of Portuguese adult.


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