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Impact of Event Scale – Revised (IES-R)

Title of the Portuguese Version

Escala do Impacto do Acontecimento para Adolescentes

Original Version

Weiss, D. S., & Marmar, C. R. (1997)

Portuguese Version

Cunha, M., Matos, M., & Pinto Gouveia, J. (2011)

General Description

The IES is a self-report instrument designed to measure current subjective distress for any specific life event and, specifically in this study, in relation to the shame memory nominated by the participants. This scale has 22 items rated on a 5-point Likert scale (0-4). The IES-R is composed by three subscales that measure the three main characteristics of traumatic memories: avoidance (e.g., “I stayed away from reminders of it”), intrusion (e.g., “Any reminder brought back feelings about it”) and hyperarousal (e.g., “I was jumpy and easily startled”) that parallel the DSM-IV criteria for PTSD.

  • Cunha, M., Xavier, A., Zagalo, S., & Matos, M. (2017). Avaliação do impacto de acontecimentos traumáticos na adolescência: Validação da Impact of Event Scale-Revised. Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas), 34, 249-260. doi:10.1590/1982-02752017000200006 http://hdl.handle.net/10316/47106

  • Weiss, D. S., & Marmar, C. R. (1997). The Impact of Event Scale – Revised. In J. P. Wilson, & T. M. Keane (Eds.), Assessing Psychological trauma and PTSD (pp. 399-411). New York: Guilford Press.


Marina Cunha – marina_cunha@ismt.pt

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Marcela Matos – marcela.s.matos@gmail.com