Inventário de Conscienciosidade - IPIP - 24 (IC-IPIP-24)

Title of the Portuguese Version

Inventário de Conscienciosidade - IPIP - 24 (IC-IPIP-24)

Original Version

Johnson (2014)

Portuguese Version

Vieira, Coscioni, & Paixão (2020)

General Description

The scale measures the six facets of consciousness in general population (18 years old or older). The original version has 24 items and the Portuguese and Brazilian version have 20 items.

  • Vieira, J. M., Coscioni, V., & Paixão, M. P. (2020). Inventário de conscienciosidade – versão breve (24 itens).

  • Johnson J. A. (2014). Measuring thirty facets of the Five Factor Model with a 120-item public domain inventory: Development of the IPIP-NEO-120. Journal of Research in Personality, 51, 78-89.