Mental Toughness Scale for Adolescents (MTS-A)

Original Version

McGeown, S., St Clair-Thompson, H., & Putwain, D. W., 2018

Portuguese Version

Matos et al., 2020

General Description

This scale evaluates adolescents’ mental toughness. It displays a 4-point Likert response scale, varying from 1 (“strongly agree”) to 4 (“strongly disagree”). The total of each factor is obtained using an average. Higher scores translate into superior levels of mental toughness.

Items: 15 items


  • Challenge (3 items)
  • Interpersonal trust (2 items)
  • Confidence in capabilities (3 items)
  • Emotional control (2 items)
  • Life control (2 items)
  • Commitment (3 items)
  • McGeown, S., St Clair-Thompson, H., & Putwain, D. W. (2018). The development and validation of a Mental Toughness Scale for Adolescents. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 36(2), 148-161. doi:10.1177/0734282916673512