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Occupational Possible Selves (OPS)

Title of the Portuguese Version

Questionário Eus Possíveis Ocupacionais

Original Version

Chalk, L. M., Meara, M. N., Day, J. D., & Davis, K. L. (2005)

Portuguese Version

Duarte, F., Silva, J. T., & Paixão, M. P. (2017)

General Description

Occupational Possible Selves is composed of two parts that analyze three dimensions of individuals’ possible selves: expectations, fears (fears), and hopes for future occupations. The first part of the questionnaire consists of a list of fifteen professions, presented three times, for participants to assess how much they expect, fear and idealize these professions. Responses are made on a Likert scale with 5 points from Unlikely (1) to Very Probable (5). In the second part of the questionnaire the participants indicate, from the previous list of fifteen, (1) the profession they most expect, (2) that they most fear, and (3) that they most idealize. They then describe ten reasons for the most feared profession, and assess, on a Likert five-point scale from Nothing Important (1) to Quite Important (5), the degree of importance of these reasons. The fifteen professions were classified as being typically masculine, feminine and neutral, including each of these classes five occupations. The three scales (expectations, fears, fears and idealizations) resulted in nine subscales: expected female occupation, expected male occupation, expected neutral occupation, feared female occupation, feared male occupation, feared neutral occupation, idealized female occupation, idealized masculine occupation and idealized neutral occupation. For each subscale, the scores that participants can obtain ranges from five (minimum score) to twenty-five points (maximum score).

  • Chalk, L. M., Meara, M. N., Day, J. D., & Davis, K. L. (2005). Occupational possible selves: Fears and aspirations of college women. Journal of Career Assessment, 13, 188-203. doi:10.1177/1069072704273127

  • Duarte, F., Silva, J. T., & Paixão, M. P. (in press). Adaptation and Validation Studies for the Portuguese Culture and Language of the Occupational Possible Selves Questionnaire.


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