Who we are

The Center for Research in Neuropsychology and Cognitive and Behavioral Intervention (CINEICC) is a Research and Development (R&D) Unit of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences – University of Coimbra. The main aims of CINEICC are to study (neuro)psychological factors and processes in health, psychopathology and aging; to develop and assess empirically-based (neuro)psychological interventions towards the promotion of health and wellbeing in clinical and community settings, and different age groups; to develop, adapt and validate (neuro)psychological assessment tests and other instruments for Portuguese population; and to understand basic neural and cognitive processes.

CINEICC is organized in four Research Groups:

  1. The Cognitive and Behavioral Processes and Change: Health and Psychopathology in Different Settings (CBPC) group that focuses on emotion regulation processes, vulnerability and maintenance factors of psychopathology, processes associated with therapeutic change, and 3rd-wave empirically-based psychological interventions (e.g., mindfulness, compassion, and acceptance-based interventions), in different populations (e.g., general, clinical, forensic) and age groups (e.g., adolescence, adulthood);

  2. The Relationships, Development & Health (RD&H) group that focuses on the prevention of illness and promotion of health and quality of life, with a special focus on the development of screening tools, and empirically-based psychological interventions directed at specific groups, such as those in the reproductive and parenthood context and chronic health conditions;

  3. The Neuropsychological Assessment and Aging Processes (NAAP) group that focuses on the development, adaptation, validation and normalization of neuropsychological assessment tools for different age groups (children, adolescents, adults and older persons), on characterizing aging trajectories (normal aging, mild cognitive impairment, dementia), on risk and protective factors for cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases, and cognitive rehabilitation;

  4. The Cognition, Brain and Behavior (CBB): a Cognitive Neuroscience approach to the human mind group that focuses on how knowledge is represented in the brain, on how connectivity constrains neural functioning, and on how the brain is plastically changed in special populations (e.g., congenital deafness; anxiety disorders). The Research Group uses fMRI and neuromodulation (e.g., tDCS) within a cognitive neuroscience approach.

CINEICC has been a major contributor to the scientific dissemination within clinical and health psychology, and neuropsychology, as well as to the dissemination of applied knowledge and expertise to professionals (e.g. mental health professionals, teachers, social workers, caregivers) and general population. In fact, the relevance of the CINEICC’s research as well as its practical implications for clinicians and professionals of these areas and to the lay community, makes this Research Unit (RU) a regional, national and international reference in Psychology and associated areas.


Our research groups

The RU restructuring resulted in 4 Research Groups (RGs) that, although with distinct research goals, are interconnected and complementary:

Cognitive and Behavioural Processes and Change (CBPC)

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Relationships, Development & Health (RD&H)

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Neuropsychological Assessment and Ageing Processes (NAAP)

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Cognition, Brain and Behavior (CBB)

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