Cognition, Brain, and Behavior: A Cognitive Neuroscience Approach to the Human Mind (CBB)

The Cognition, Brain, and Behavior (CBB) research group focuses on understanding the human mind/brain using a Cognitive Neuroscience approach and advanced statistical methodologies (e.g., Bayesian methods, machine learning, structured additive regression models, multivariate approaches, computational modelling).


This research group has been studying:

  • How connectivity constrains neural processing;

  • How object knowledge is represented in the brain (i.e., what dictates mapping of information in the brain);

  • Neuroplasticity in special populations (e.g., congenitally deaf), using a multimodal approach (e.g., fMRI; transcranial direct current stimulation – tDCS).

For more information please see our funded projects, publications, and associated laboratory (the Proaction lab).

Scientific Coordinator

Jorge Manuel Castelo Branco de Albuquerque Almeida

Cognition, Brain and Behavior (CBB)

Integrated PhD member