Authenticity Scale

Title of the Portuguese Version

Escala de Autenticidade

Original Version

Wood et al., 2008

Portuguese Version

Coscioni, Teixeira, & Paixão, 2020

General Description

The scale measures authenticity in general population (18 years old or older) considering three factors: authentic living (4 items), accepting external influence (4 items), and self-alienation (4 items).

  • Coscioni, V., Teixeira, M. A. P., & Paixão, M. P., 2020). Authenticity Scale – Brazilian Form.

  • Wood, A. M., Linley, P. A., Maltby, J., Baliousis, M., & Joseph, S. (2008). The authentic personality: A theoretical and empirical conceptualization and the development of the Authenticity Scale. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 55(3), 385.