Sleep Locus of Control Scale (SLOC)

Title of the Portuguese Version

Escala do Locus de Controlo do Sono

Original Version

Vincent, N., Sande, G., Read, C., & Giannuzzi, T. (2004)

Portuguese Version

Marques, Vieira, & Silva (2020)

General Description

The  SLOC evaluates  the sleep locus  of control,  which  is  associated  with  the degree to which an individual attributes her/his  experiences of sleep to chance or internal  causes.  The instrument comprises 8  items to  be  responded in  a Likert-type scale ranging  from  1  to  6  points.

  • Vincent, N., Sande,  G., Read, C., &  Giannuzzi, T.  (2004). Sleep Locus of Control: Report on a new scale. Behavioral Sleep Medicine, 2(2), 79-93.doi:10.1207/s15402010bsm0202_1

  • Marques, D., Vieira, P., & Silva, J. (2020). Escala do Locus de Controlo do Sono (SLOC). Aveiro: Universidade de Aveiro.