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Glasgow Content of Thoughts Inventory (GCTI)

Title of the Portuguese Version

Inventário de Pensamentos de Glasgow - Sono

Original Version

Harvey, K. J., & Espie, C. A. (2004)

Portuguese Version

Marques, D., Allen Gomes, A., Meia-Via, M., & Couto (2012)

General Description

GCTI is an instrument concerned in evaluating individuals´ thoughts when they cannot fall asleep. It consists of 25 items. Total scores may range from 25 to 100. The higher the score the greater the intrusiveness and frequency of dysfunctional thoughts at bedtime.

  • Harvey, K. J., & Espie, C. A. (2004). Development and preliminary validation of the Glasgow Content of Thoughts Inventory (GCTI): a new measure for the assessment of pre-sleep cognitive activity. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 43, 409-420. doi/10.1348/0144665042388900

  • Marques, D., Meia-Via, M., Espie, C., da Silva, C., & Allen Gomes, A. (2016). European Portuguese adaptation of Glasgow Content of Thoughts Inventory (GCTI): Psychometric characterization in higher education students. Behavioral Medicine.doi:10.1080/08964289.2016.1180279 http://hdl.handle.net/10316/46850


Daniel Ruivo Marques – drmarques@ua.pt