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Glasgow Sleep Effort Scale (GSES)

Title of the Portuguese Version

Escala de Esforço para Dormir de Glasgow

Original Version

Broomfield, N. M., & Espie, C. A. (2005)

Portuguese Version

Marques, D., Allen Gomes, A., Meia-Via, M. S., & Couto (2012)

General Description

The GSES was developed in order to evaluate an individuals´ effort to sleep, a common feature in individuals with clinical insomnia. It is a brief scale, composed by 7- Likert-type items, and a higher total denotes greater sleep effort.

  • Broomfield, N. M., & Espie, C. A. (2005). Towards a valid, reliable measure of sleep effort. Journal of Sleep Research, 14, 401-407. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2869.2005.00481.x

  • Meia-Via, M. S., Marques, D. R., Espie, C. A., da Silva, C. F., & Allen Gomes, A. (2016). Psychometric properties of Glasgow Sleep Effort Scale in Portuguese language. Psychological Assessment, 28, e12-e18. doi:10.1037/pas0000178 http://hdl.handle.net/10316/46853


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