Coimbra Obsessive Inventory – short version (COI-SV)

Title of the Portuguese Version

Inventário Obsessivo de Coimbra – versão Reduzida (IOC-R)

Original Version

Galhardo, A., & Pinto-Gouveia. (2008). Inventário Obsessivo de Coimbra: Avaliação de obsessões e compulsões. Psychologica, 48, 101-124.

Portuguese Version

Galhardo, A., Anastácio, S., Cunha, M., Massano-Cardoso, I., & Pinto-Gouveia, J. (2018).

General Description

The COI-SV is intended to assess the emotional disturbance associated with obsessive-compulsive symptoms. The COI-SV includes 19 items, and five subscales “Contamination/Washing”, “Indecision/Slowness”, “Repeated Checking/Hoarding”, “Immoral Content” and “Magic Thinking”. The confirmatory analysis conducted in a sample of 338 participants revealed a good fit to the 5-factor model. The COI-SV showed an excellent reliability (α = .93).

  • Manuscript under revision.