Title of the Portuguese Version


Original Version

Gloster, A. T. et al., 2021

Portuguese Version

Cunha, M. & Temido, A. M., 2021

General Description

The Psy-Flex is a 6-item instrument with each item corresponding to the six psychological flexibility processes, according to the ACT therapeutic model. Items are answered on a 5-point scale ranging from very seldom (1) to very often (5). The Psy-Flex showed a single-factor structure, with higher scores indicating greater psychological flexibility. This self-reported instrument addresses specifically psychological flexibility and is sensitive to both situational and temporal contexts.

The European Portuguese version of PsyFlex demonstrated excellent reliability and test-retest reliability. The correlations with related and unrelated constructs provided evidence of both convergent and divergent validity. Furthermore, an exploratory study on discriminant validity showed that it effectively distinguished between non-clinical and clinical samples.

  • Cunha, M., Temido, A., Pinto-Gouveia, C., & Galhardo, A. (2023, March). Assessing psychological flexibility by the Psy-Flex and its relationship with mental health. E-poster (Code: EPP0496) presented at 31st Virtual European Congress of Psychiatric, 25-28 March, Paris, France. Manuscript under review.

  • Gloster, A. T., Block, V. J., Klotsche, J., Villanueva, J., Rinner, M. T. B., Benoy, C., Walter, M., Karekla, M., & Bader, K. (2021). Psy-Flex: A contextually sensitive measure of psychological flexibility. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 22, 13–23.


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