Psy-Flex for Adolescents (PsyFlex-A)

Title of the Portuguese Version

Psy-Flex for Adolescents (PsyFlex-A)

Original Version

Gloster, A. T. et al., 2021

Portuguese Version

Cunha, M. & Soares, 2021

General Description

The PsyFlex for Adolescents (PsyFlex-A) is the result of an adaptation of the Psy-Flex (Gloster et al., 2021) for the Portuguese adolescent population. Some adjustments were made to the wording of the items, and examples were added to certain items to enhance comprehension. The experimental version was tested in a pilot study with adolescents until it reached the final version, referred to as PsyFlex-A.

The PsyFlex-A presented a single-factor structure and model invariance between biological sex, suggesting that the results are comparable between males and females. Moreover, it revealed adequate internal consistency and test-retest reliability.

  • Soares, R., Cunha, M., Massano-Cardoso, I., & Galhardo, A. (2023). Assessing psychological flexibility in adolescents: Validation of PsyFlex-A. Revista Portuguesa De Investigação Comportamental E Social, 9(1), 1–18.

  • Gloster, A. T., Block, V. J., Klotsche, J., Villanueva, J., Rinner, M. T. B., Benoy, C., Walter, M., Karekla, M., & Bader, K. (2021). Psy-Flex: A contextually sensitive measure of psychological flexibility. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 22, 13–23.


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