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Quality of Relationships Inventory - Mother's Version (QRI-MV)

Title of the Portuguese Version

IQRI - Versão Mãe

Original Version

Pierce, G. R., Sarason, I. G., & Sarason, B. R. (1991)

Portuguese Version

Marques, D., Matos, A. P., & Pinheiro, M. R. (2014)

General Description

The mother’s version of Quality of Relationships Inventory (QRI-MV Pierce, Sarason & Sarason, 1991) intends to evaluate the social support as perceived by the adolescent in terms of Support, Depth and Conflict, in the specific domain of the relation established with the mother. Traditionally, literature has pointed out that a positive relation with the mother is important for the mental health of children. Aims: The present investigation aims to sustain the three-factor structure of the QRI-MV, found by Pierce, et al. (1991), with a confirmatory factor analysis and study the relations between QRI-MV dimensions. The sample comprised 312 adolescents, 171 girls e 141 boys, aged between 12 and 17 (M= 13.77, DP= 1.16). In this sample of adolescents the three-factor solution proposed by Pierce et al. (1991) was confirmed: Support, Depth and Conflict. High positive associations were found between Support and Depth subscales (r= .63) and moderate negative associations between these subscales and the Conflict subscale (r= -.32 and r= – .30, respectively) Conclusion: The present study points out the importance of the three dimensions, Support, Depth and Conflict in relations established by adolescents with their mothers. Support and Depth seem to be especially related between each other, presenting moderate and negative associations with Conflict. These specific issues related to mother’s relationship with adolescents should be considered in future studies and in preventive interventions with adolescents and families, in order of protecting them from psychopathology.

  • Marques, D., Matos, A.P. & Pinheiro, M.R. (2014). Estudo da estrutura fatorial da versão mãe para adolescentes do inventário da qualidade dos relacionamentos interpessoais (IQRI, de Pierce, Sarason & Sarason, 1991). Psicologia, Saúde & Doenças, 15(1), 234-244. http://hdl.handle.net/10316/46998

  • Pierce, G. R., Sarason, I. G, & Sarason, B. R. (1991). General and relationship-based perceptions of social support: Are two constructs better than one? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 61, 1028-1039. doi:10.1037/0022- 3514.61.6.1028


Ana Paula Matos – apmatos@fpce.uc.pt