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Quality of Relationships Inventory - Parents Perception (QRI-PP)

Title of the Portuguese Version

Inventário da Qualidade dos Relacionamentos Interpessoais – Perceção dos Pais

Portuguese Version

Matos, A. P., Pinheiro, M. R., Costa, J. J., & Mota, A. (2016)

General Description

Literature reports that the quality of family relationships, particularly with parents, is associated with psychopathology, namely depression, in adolescents. QRI was developed by Pierce, Sarason and Sarason (1991) and adapted to the Portuguese population by Neves and Pinheiro (2006), and the QRI-PP was created from QRI for adolescents. The present study intends to analyse the factorial structure and reliability of the Quality of Relationships Inventory – Parents Perception (QRI-PP). The sample was composed by 456 parents of adolescents with ages between 12 to 17 years. Similarly to QRI, the QRI-PP assesses the parents’ perceptions of social support, depth and conflict in the relationships with their children. The aims of the study were to conduct an exploratory factor analysis, followed by a confirmatory factor analysis to identify the factorial structure of IQRIPP. The results obtained showed that the instrument is composed by 16 items, distributed in two factors: support/depth and conflict, with adequate Cronbach’s alphas, indicating that QRI-PP is a valid instrument to analyse the parents/children quality of relationships, from the perspective of parents. A bi-factorial structure was also obtained in previous researches, conducted in Portuguese population, of the father and mother versions of QRI for adolescents (Matos, Pinheiro, Costa, & Mónico, 2015; Matos, Pinheiro, & Marques, 2013; Pinheiro, Matos, & Marques, 2013). Future studies should explore other validity indices of QRIPP.

  • Matos, A. P., Pinheiro, M. R., Costa, J. J., & Mota, A. (2016). Quality of Relationships Inventory-Parents Perception (QRI-PP). Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences, 12, 116-127. http://hdl.handle.net/10316/46992

  • Pierce, G. R., Sarason, I. G, & Sarason, B. R. (1991). General and relationship-based perceptions of social support: Are two constructs better than one? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 61, 1028-1039. doi:10.1037/0022- 3514.61.6.1028


Ana Paula Matos – apmatos@fpce.uc.pt