Title of the Portuguese Version

Questionário de Temperamento Afetivo

Original Version

Affective Temperament Questionnaire - Light, K., Joyce, P. & Frampton, C., 2009

Portuguese Version

Azevedo, J., Carreiras, D., Castilho, P., Rodrigues J., & Macedo, A., 2023

General Description

ATQ is a self-report instrument composed of 15 items organised into 3 subscales of thymic states (Hyperthymic, Cyclothymic and Dysthymic). Each item is rated in a 3-point scale (0=not at all; 1=somewhat; 2=very much so), thus having a score between 0-30.

Hyperthymic= item 1+ item 2+ item 3+ item 4+ item 5.

Cyclothymic= item 6+ item 7+ item 8+ item 9+ item 10.

Dysthymic= item 11+ item 12 + item 13 + item 14.

  • Azevedo, J. M., Carreiras, D., Castilho, P., Rodrigues, J., & Macedo, A. (2023). Dominant Affective Temperaments and its variance among people with depression, bipolar disorder, and a non-clinical sample: Validation of the Affective Temperament Questionnaire (ATQ). Análise Psicológica, 41(1), 87–104. https://doi.org/10.14417/ap.1955

  • Light, K. J., Joyce, P. R., & Frampton, C. M. A. (2009). Description and validation of the Affective Temperament Questionnaire. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 50, 477–484. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.comppsych.2007.07.008


O instrumento pode ser descarregado com o artigo (http://publicacoes.ispa.pt/index.php/ap/article/view/1955) ou pedido a julietazevedo@gmail.com