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Self-compassion Scale (SCS)

Title of the Portuguese Version

Escala da Autocompaixão

Original Version

Neff, K. (2003)

Portuguese Version

Castilho, P., Pinto-Gouveia, J., & Duarte, J. (2015)

General Description

The SCS-LF is a 26-item self-report questionnaire that measures six components of self-compassion: self-kindness (five items, e.g., “I try to be understanding and patient toward those aspects of my personality I don’t like”); self-judgment (five items, e.g., “I’m disapproving and judgmental about my own flaws and inadequacies”); common humanity (four items, e.g., “I try to see my failings as part of the human condition”); isolation (four items, e.g., “When I think about my inadequacies it tends to make me feel more separate and cut off from the rest of the world”); mindfulness (four items, e.g., “When something Factor Analysis of the Long and Short Self-Compassion Scale 5 painful happens I try to take a balanced view of the situation”); and overidentification (four items, e.g., “When I’m feeling down I tend to obsess and fixate on everything that’s wrong”). Mean scores on the six subscales can be averaged (after reverse-coding negative items) to create an overall self-compassion score. Items are rated on a 5-point Likert scale ranging from 1 (almost never) to 5 (almost always).

  • Castilho, P., Pinto-Gouveia, J., & Duarte, J. (2015). Evaluating the multifactor structure of the long and short versions of the self-compassion scale in a clinical sample. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 71, 856-870. doi:10.1002/jclp.22187 http://hdl.handle.net/10316/47400

  • Neff, K. D. (2003). Development and validation of a scale to measure self-compassion. Self and Identity, 2, 223-250. doi:10.1080/15298860390209035


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