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Coimbra Sleep Activation Scale (C-SAS)

Title of the Portuguese Version

Escala de Activação do Sono de Coimbra

Original Version

Clemente, V., Allen Gomes, A., Azevedo, M. H., Ferreira, A. M., & Fernandes da Silva, C. (1998, 2006)

General Description

C-SAS is a self-report questionnaire assessing several hyperarousal experiences (cognitive, emotional and somatic) which may occur at sleep onset period or/and during the night when trying to return to sleep. It is composed by 31 items, each one rated on a 5-point Likert scale, reported to the last month.

  • Clemente, V., Almeida, J., Martins, I., Gomes, A. A., Moutinho dos Santos, J. (2013). Coimbra Sleep Activation Scale (C-SAS): Psychometric properties in insomniacs. Sleep Medicine, 14 (Suppl. 1), e99. http://hdl.handle.net/10316/47429


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