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Sleep-Wake Questionnaire for University Students - «during-the-semester» version (QSVES)

Title of the Portuguese Version

Questionário sobre Sono-Vigília no Ensino Superior - versão “em tempo de aulas”

Portuguese Version

Gomes, A. A., Tavares, J., & Azevedo, M. H. P. (2011)

General Description

The 36-item Sleep-Wake Questionnaire for University Students (SWQUC) covers demographic, sleep, academic, lifestyle, and well-being variables. The questionnaire, based on existing sleep-wake questionnaires and the clinical and educational experience of its authors, and lacking a specific instrument to access sleep-wake patterns in undergraduates, was developed for a large research project on sleep, well-being and academic success of university students. The questionnaire considers demographics, sleep-wake cycle during the semester (19 items, covering sleep duration, quality, regularity and timing), other sleep-aspects (6 items, e.g., sleep needs; room/bed conditions), and waking life (11 items, covering academic antecedents, current academic engagement, lifestyle, substance usage, and daytime subjective well-being variables).


Notes: Included since 2015 in the APA PsycTESTS database http://www.apa.org/pubs/databases/psyctests/index.aspx, doi: 10.1037/t36684-000, and registered at the Portuguese IGAC, registration nr 5925/2013.

  • Gomes, A. A., Tavares, J. & Azevedo, M. H. P. (2011). Sleep and academic performance in undergraduates: A multi-measure, multi-predictors approach. Chronobiology International, 28, 786-801. doi:10.3109/07420528.2011.606518 http://hdl.handle.net/10316/47528


Ana Allen Gomes – a.allen.gomes@fpce.uc.pt