Social-Emotional Expertise Scale (SEE)

Title of the Portuguese Version

Social-Emotional Expertise Scale (SEE)

Original Version

McBrien et al., 2018

Portuguese Version

Santos, B. & Cunha, M. 2020

General Description

The SEE consists of 25 items divided into two factors that aim to assess socioemotional competencies. In addition to the overall score, it is possible to obtain scores related to the Adaptability factor (e.g., “In social interactions, my facial expressions are perfectly synchronized”) and the Expressiveness factor (e.g., “I use my voice to express my emotions”). All items are answered on a five-point Likert scale, ranging from never (1), neutral (3), to always (5). There are no reversed items, indicating that higher scores indicate greater socioemotional competence in individuals.

  • Neto Dos Santos, A. B., Cunha, M., Novo, M., Massano-Cardoso, I., & Galhardo, A. (2022). Validation of the Portuguese version of the Social-Emotional Expertise Scale. Revista Portuguesa De Investigação Comportamental E Social, 8(1), 1–17.

  • McBrien, A., Wild, M., & Bachorowski, J. A. (2018). Social-Emotional Expertise (SEE) scale: Development and initial validation. Assessment, 27(8), 1718–1730.


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