Test de Los Senderos para Evaluar las Funciones Ejecutivas (TESen)

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Test de Los Senderos para Evaluar las Funciones Ejecutivas (TESen)

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Timoteo Camacho

27/12/2020, 19:55 (há 19 horas)
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The Test de los Sanderos (TESEN; Portellano & Martínez, 2014) is an individual application, lasting approximately 8 to 10 minutes, for people aged 16 and over. The purpose of this test is to screen the cognitive functioning of young people and adults by carrying out a planning task which consists of a visuomotor activity. This instrument is composed of four trails, with an evolution of the difficulty between each of them, with the aim of evaluating the main executive components, such as inhibition, working memory, cognitive flexibility, among others. Finally, it is also important to mention that TESen evaluates the processing speed, since the trails are timed and should be completed as soon as possible.

  • Portellano J.A., & Martínez R. (2014). Test de los Senderos para evaluar las funciones ejecutivas. Madrid: Tea Ediciones.



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